The nice thing about silhouette shooting is the ability to take just about any .22 rimfire, air rifle or reasonably tame high power rifle out and compete. This allows just about anyone with a small assortment of rifles to find one that will likely fit within the rules of the sport. 

I’ll not be posting the entire rule book of the NRA on this site but they are available here .. 

For your first time out you will be welcome with anything even if it does not conform to the rules. Many match directors use good discretion in what to allow to make sure fun is had by all. So long as you are not shooting anything that may damage targets you should be all set.

More sections will be forthcoming detailing equipment used and favored in this sport as well as the more technical aspects to consider when trying to improve.



What is Metallic Silhouette?

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

Metallic Silhouette shooting is a fun and friendly game very similar to old time gallery shooting where you knocked little metal animals over. Only difference is the size and distance to the targets is a bit different than the old shooting gallery setups. This is where the challenge comes into play and the fun begins.

The course of fire is typically 40 shots per match with 10 shots being taken at each bank of 5 animals, one shot per animal. Animals shot are the Chicken at 44 yards, the Pig at 66 yards, the Turkey at 84 yards and the Ram right at 110 yards. For each bank of 5 animals the shooter has 15 seconds to pick up and load their rifle before the Fire Command is given and 2 minutes and 30 seconds to make all 5 shots before Cease Fire is called.

The types of rifles used runs from old muzzleloaders and cowboy action with iron sights to high power scoped rifles shooting full sized Rams at 550 yards to highly accurate 10 meter air rifles with high power magnification scopes shooting 1/10th scale Rams at 135 feet, a mere 102 feet further than they were designed for shooting inside! Each type offering it’s own challenges and rewards for the shooter that wants to be tested.

In case I failed to mention it you should be aware all Silhouette shooting is done in the standing offhand position. No bench rests or fancy jackets, just you and the rifle with at most a shooting vest for your attire. This keeps things pure and simple, testing the shooter as much as the gun if not more so. It was said by someone who I can not recall that the bench proves the rifle and standing proves the man/woman. This is the essence of our sport and what makes it so unique. Simplistic yet difficult in ways that even a Olympic gold medal shooter and National Rifle champs have found testing and fun.

This page will attempt to cronical as best as possible all rifle silhouette disciplines offered in the Gulf South States. Some may not be available but I can assure you any of them that you may want to try offers you a world of fun and personal challenge. 

As you can see compared to a 12 oz. Pepsi can these little critters are not the biggest of targets to shoot at but when you hit them it is instant gratification as you see the animal go flying or slowly fall away and hear the clang of the steel come back to you!


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